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Mashing Accessories

Mashing is the process of hydrating the barley grains in hot water. This process is necessary in activating the malt enzymes so that the starch will be converted into sugar and then used in the fermentation process. The flavour of the beer largely depends on the amount of sugar obtained during the mashing and lautering process. The grains have different enzyme groups that need to be activated. This can only be done under different temperatures and pH conditions. This means that home brewers need to adjust the mash temperature to favour different enzymatic functions. This can also lead to the customization of the taste of the wort.

The mashing process is usually done in a mash tun. This piece of brewing equipment allows effective temperature control so that the enzymatic activities can start. However, if you are new to brewing beer, investing in different equipment can take a toll on your budget. Customizing your own mash tun is a cheaper alternative compared to buying a new one. This is the reason why some home brewers opt to customize their own mash tun using ordinary brew kettles. (more info below)
Building a mash tun from an ordinary brew kettle is easy as long as you have the right accessories to build one. Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide selection of mashing accessories so that you can build your customized mash tun or replace old parts on your existing mash tun.

Our selection of mashing accessories includes brewing paddles, hop steepers, false bottom adapters, hop helpers, strainers, ball valve kits and thermometers. With our accessories, replacing old parts or building a new mash tun is very easy. We carry brands of mashing accessories such as Brewtech and Blichmann that are considered as top of the line brands in the brewing industry.

Browse through our selection of mashing accessories to find the ones that you need. Enjoy!