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Brewing Adapters

It is a dream of many home brewers to create their own efficient brewing stations. While there are brewing station assemblies that provide everything from boiling kettles to wort chillers, such complete kits often come with exorbitant price tags.

Not all home brewers have enough budget to afford such brewing system. Moreover, many home brewers want to customize their own brewing station depending on what works for them. Sometimes, buying a pre-packaged brewing station assembly is not only expensive but some components may not deliver the needs of some home brewers. We stock stainless steel and brass adapters and plug accessories you may want to utilize in customizing your own brewing station.

An adapter is a device that allows a particular tool or equipment to be connected to another equipment. It can turn a simple equipment into a more complex and functional one. For instance, home brewers can transform an ordinary brew kettle into a lautering tun or mash tun by using adapters. (more info below)

Adapters allow home brewers to customize their equipment depending on their needs. It is an easier and cost-effective way of transforming ordinary equipment into specialized ones. When installing adapters, it is crucial that you determine what type of fitting it is compatible with. For example, if the adapter is a male pipe thread, then it is compatible with equipment that comes with a female pipe fitting. Moreover, installing an adapter and a new accessory requires some drilling thus make sure that you read the instructions to determine the diameter of drill that you need to create to install the adapter.

There are a lot of adapters that you can choose from to customize your brewing kettle. At Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide selection of adapters that fit your needs. Get your adapters to install sight gauges, thermometers and mini ball valves from us.