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Barbed Fittings

A good home brewing station features good plumbing. An efficient plumbing system is required so that the wort can be transferred from one kettle to another. This is especially true during the mashing, lautering and chilling process. Many brewing equipment kits come with a good plumbing system, but with using barbed hardware you can create a plumbing system that can work well with your existing home brewing station.

Tinkering with the brewing equipment requires the right knowledge, skills, tools and accessories. Home brewers need to get the right fittings so that they can transform a seemingly ordinary brew pot into a metallic brewing masterpiece. There are different types of fittings that can be installed on the brewing equipment and one of them are barbed hardware.

As the name implies, barbed hardware comes with irregular surface features that when tubing and hoses are attached properly and clamped, they do not slip off the fittings. They not only add more power to your equipment but ensure that everything is in place securely. (more info below)
Barbed hardware often comes with safety checks that protect the equipment from getting damaged. For instance, ball valves may come with a check valve that hinders the liquid from backing up thereby damaging the regulator. They make sure that they improve the functionality of the brewing equipment but also make sure that it [equipment] does not get damaged easily.

At Ontario Beer Kegs, you can choose from a wide variety of barbed hardware, ball valves, elbow barbs, blow off barbs and hose fittings among many others. Our selection of barbed hardware comes in different material construction, stainless steel, brass and food-grade plastic. Browse through our barbed hardware section to find the right fitting for your needs.