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Bayou Classic

Ontario Beer Kegs is the authorized Canadian distributor for Bayou Classic.

Homebrewing does require some specialized equipment, but did you know that Bayou Classic also has many crossover products that may be used for both making beer and in your everyday life? The stock pots may be used when brewing your beer or for making soups, stews, jambalaya or maybe a big pot of chili for the neighbourhood pot luck.

We carry a selection of Bayou Classic cast iron products including a bacon press (with or without pan), skillet sets, campfire griddles, fish cooker, dutch ovens and a fajita pan.

We also have fryers, and their burners are dual purpose as well. They may be used for your brew kettles, stew pots or your Thanksgiving dinner using their 30 quart turkey fryer. You also might be interested in their paella pan or pizza stone or you can heat things up with their jalapeno pepper rack set.