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The art of making beer is a labourious task. The steps involved in making beer include mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, and filtering before you can taste the final product. While there are many processes involved in beer making, most of these processes require heat.

For instance, during the process of mashing, the malted barley is soaked in hot water in order to release the sugars as well as activate the different enzymes in the grains. Since heat is needed during the entire process of brewing the final product, your brewing station should have a reliable heat source.

Good brew burners do not only provide adequate heat source, but it should also allow home brewers to have precise control of the heat. Brewing beer under extremely high heat may cause the sugar in the liquid to easily burn making the final product bitter. (more info below)

At Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of brew burners to fit your heating requirements. Choosing good quality burners will hasten the boiling process in a significant manner thus reducing the time spent waiting for the liquid to boil. A good burner can help improve the boil times as it provides a bigger surface area to handle large brew kettles.

We have a wide range of brew kettles to suit the needs of different home brewers that may be used with these burners. We carry brands of burners from Blichmann, Bayou, and Anvil. You can choose between a natural gas and propane burner depending on the type of fuel that is available to you. Opting for a propane burner is a good option especially if your brew station does not have a steady supply of fuel.

Aside from our pre-installed brew burners, we also sell different types of burner replacement parts and accessories. Our online store carries brewing equipment parts and accessories such as thermometers, regulator hoses, leg extensions, valves and many others.