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Beer Caps and Closures

Bottling beer can be an adventure. As a home brewer, you have to know certain skills and techniques in order to bottle beer properly. One of the things that you need to know before bottling is the specific gravity of your homebrew. The specific gravity reading should be the same for two or three days, otherwise this indicates that the beer is still fermenting and bottling it may lead to over-carbonation or exploding bottles.

Once the specific gravity has been achieved, you can fill your prepared bottles with beer. So how many bottles do you need for a 5-gallon batch of beer? It depends on the volume of the bottles that you are going to use. If you are going to use 12 ounces of bottles, you need 54 pieces while you only need 30 pieces if you are going to use 22 ounces of bottles (these are approx. quantities)

When filling up the bottle, make sure that you fill up to 1" from the top. Lift the bottle filler to stop the flow of beer. Place the cap and make sure that it is tight. Let the bottle sit for at least two weeks at room temperature to allow them to carbonate. After a few weeks, place them inside the fridge to chill before consumption. (more info below)
While choosing the right bottle and using the right bottling techniques are important, even the simple bottle capper is essential in bottling beer. There are various kinds of bottle cappers that can work well with different bottles. You can opt for ordinary bottle caps but you can also choose oxygen absorbing caps, especially if you are planning to store beer for an extended period of time (more than a year).

For your bottling needs, Ontario Beer Kegs can provide you with different types of bottle caps that you can use to secure your beer bottles. Choose from our screw cap or oxygen-barrier bottle caps of various sizes and colours.