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Carbonation Lids

The carbonation lid allows home brewers to force carbonate their kegs so that they can serve beer quicker than usual. Carbonation lids are meant to be used with a micron stone, so it can be moved from one keg to another. This removes the hassle of attaching and removing the line from the dip tube. With this lid, you can simply connect the gas quick disconnect to the fitting on the lid for the carbonation to start.

Also called a carbonater, it is important to pre-boil the stone for at least two minutes before using. This is to ensure that the stone is free from bacteria that may cause contamination or from any residual oil that can affect the flavour of the beer. Submerge the lid into the keg that is filled with beer then set the PSI on the regulator at 4 PSI while attaching the gas hose to connect the lid. Leave the keg under this pressure for about an hour. (more info below)
After an hour, raise the pressure at increments of 2 PSI until you reach 10 to 12 PSI. Leave the keg at 12 PSI for 24 hours before testing the carbonation. Once you are satisfied with the carbonation level, return the original keg lid for long term storage.

When choosing a carbonation lid, make sure that it has a stainless steel construction so that it will last for a long time. Moreover, choose the ones that are compatible with and will fit standard Cornelius kegs.

At Ontario Beer Kegs, we have several stainless steel carbonation lids to choose from. Our lid assemblies are compatible with all types of Cornelius lids.