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Brewing Equipment Couplers

Plumbing is essential to an operational brewing station. Without it, it is difficult to drain the liquid from one container to the other to create beer. An important part of a home brewing station is a coupler. A coupler is used to connect different types of valves. By definition, couplers connect two tubes to one another so that the liquid flows to the other end. In most cases, a coupler is needed in order to connect the nipple to the ball valve. The plumbing system of a home brewing station requires delicate balance. The couplers and other hardware create resistance to the pressure that affects the flow of the liquid.

Aside from being an essential part of the plumbing system of the brewing station, couplers also create various connections. It can be used as an adapter to customize the brew pot. Devices or equipment that can be installed with the coupler may include thermometers, sight gauges and many others. When using couplers to connect different brewing equipment, it is crucial to determine the type of threading used. For instance, if the coupler features a female pipe thread, the equipment that will be attached should have a male pipe thread for compatibility. (more info below)
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