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Dip Tubes and Pick Ups

Dip tubes are necessary in a brewing station. They may come as an assembly that is made up of threaded female coupler and a pipe that features a 90-degree elbow. It basically serves as an inlet installed at the bottom of the brew pot or kettle where the liquid goes out. Without it, it is difficult to transfer the liquid from one brew container to the other. Installing dip tubes to the brew pot is also a great way of customizing it to increase its functionality. Moreover, it can be installed together with the spigot so that separating the wort from the hops mash is an easy task.

The dip tube is often installed at the base of the brew pot so that it can pick up the wort that has settled at the bottom. It works with other brewing equipment in filtering the wort from the mash. Most false bottom attachments usually work with dip tubes. (more info below)
During the process of chilling the wort, installing a dip tube to an inline chiller makes it easier to achieve the necessary temperature to inhibit the growth of bacterial contaminants. Moreover, cooling of the wort is also necessary to avoid the production of dimethyl sulfide (DMS) compounds that produce a funny flavour in the beer that is similar to canned corn.

To install the dip tube, it does not need to be soldered to the coupler and the leaks will just go back to the kettle instead of being wasted. Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of dip tubes and pickup tubes that will go well with your brew pot. Our assortment of dip tubes features different lengths and angles. They are also made from stainless steel, thus they don't rust and they also do not react to the wort.