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Brewing Equipment Disconnects

Most home brewers use conventional threaded fittings. While threaded fittings are effective, moving around the tubing is not only cumbersome, but is also time consuming. Moreover, working with hot liquid can also be very dangerous. This is the reason why quick disconnects are created.

Quick disconnect connectors are like magical equipment that can make home brewing a breeze! These are practical and cost-effective fittings designed to shut off the flow of liquid upon disconnection. Once the couplings are connected, the flow is re-established. They are essential in home brewing especially for home brewers who are looking for an upgrade in their plumbing system. This kind of coupler is very beneficial for those who alter and move their brewing setup constantly. Moving your tubing around with the quick connector is easier. Another advantage of this system is that it provides more convenience when draining the wort. (more info below)
So how does a brewing equipment disconnect connectors work? It has an internal valve that closes or opens as needed. The fittings contain a plunger that is activated by the action of a spring. When the valves are connected, both sides remain open so that the liquid can easily pass through. Once disconnected, each side also seals itself automatically to avoid leaks.

When choosing a disconnect connector, it is important that one fitting is male and the other is female. This is to ensure that both fittings will connect with one another. The quick connect couplers are placed in line or directly to a brewing component such as a cold plate.

Quick connectors are made from different materials. Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of quick connectors that you can choose from made from brass and stainless steel. Our connectors are not only used to connect hose fittings but also other assemblies like thermometers or sight gauge.