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Beers are different and a draft beer is all the more different than bottled beers. Aside from the way it is served which is directly from casks or kegs, a draft beer should be fresh, cold and carbonated. You often see draft beer served in restaurants and bars. But this does not mean that you are not entitled to create flavourful draft beer at home.

The word 'draft beer' originates from the English word "draught" which means to 'pull' something from a container using a pump. This is the reason why you see draft beers coming from a 'tap'. But the most prominent characteristic of draft beer is that it is not pasteurized, thus the keg needs to be kept cold but not frozen. This gives the beer its rich, thick flavour. (more info below)
To create an exceptional draft beer, it is crucial to use a draft system to maintain its quality. Otherwise, you will end up having a flat beer - foaming or sour to boot. If you are making draft beer, it is crucial that you maintain and serve it at a cellar temperature of at the most 12 degrees Celsius to keep the yeast from proliferating which can turn the beer sour.

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have all of the draft equipment you need to keg, dispense and carbonate your latest batch of homemade beer. Aside from our basic faucet, tap and kegerator kits, we also provide parts and accessories like wall mounted drip trays, gas distributors, threaded Carbon dioxide cartridges, faucet levers, tap beer handles, and many other parts that you can use to create your own customized draft beer dispenser system. We make sure that we become the only one-stop shop that you will ever need when it comes to buying the things you need to create the best draft beer that meets your expectations.