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Barbed Fittings

Plastic, Brass and Stainless Steel Fittings

Threaded pipes in plumbing installations used to deliver liquids under pressure. They are the most conventional and cheapest way to join piping systems. Threaded pipes are used to attach pipes with small diameters. They are used in different applications; thus they are not only used in attaching components in a plumbing system, but they are also used in customizing a home brewery setup.

There are many reasons why home brewers need to use pipe fittings. They can be used to customize a simple brew pot into a highly functional mash or lauter tun. By using them, you can turn an ordinary brew pot into something special by adding more accessories to the pot such as a sight gauge, bazooka screen, spigot, thermometer and many others. (more info below)

Threaded pipe fittings are very low cost and they are available in different types of materials like plastic, brass and stainless steel. Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide array of fittings that will fit your needs. Our pipe fittings come in different sizes and shapes to fit your needs and preferences. We have pipe fittings for hoses, ball valves, and more.

Using these different materials depend on your needs as a home brewer. The thing is when you are selecting the fittings for your home brewing setup you should consider the application for where they are being used. For instance, if the purpose is attaching it to a boiling pot, using an inert material such as stainless steel is a good option. Moreover, the plastic fittings we carry are food grade with most having barbed ends.

We also have barbed and threaded fittings and adapters in chrome plate, brass, and stainless steel, nipples, elbows and flanges are also available. These fittings are not just for use with brewing equipment they also may be used for plumbing and other applications.