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There are many brewing accessories that home brewers should have in their brewing station. One of them is the simple funnel. Funnels are simple pipes with wide conical mouth at the end. It is used to channel liquid and other substances to containers that have small openings. Without funnels, transferring liquid to a narrow-rimmed container is simply difficult and will produce a lot of spillage and wastes.

In brewing beer, funnels are essential accessories that should be in every home brewer's brewing station. They are used in transferring the wort to another container such as a fermenter or carboy, or in wine/beer bottling. They are made from aluminum, stainless steel, plastic or glass. They are constructed from inert materials so that the surface of the funnel will not react to the wort thus affecting the flavour of the beer.(more info below)
Funnels for brewing beer are usually made of food grade plastic and stainless steel. Unlike conventional kitchen funnels, brewing funnels usually feature wide and higher cones to accommodate larger volumes of liquid. Other funnels are designed to have an anti-splash feature to avoid spilling the precious liquid.

When choosing a funnel for your brewing station, opt for funnels that have a wider cone to avoid spillage. You can also choose those that come with special features such as filters and screens to trap sediments from the wort.

Plastic funnels may be very simple accessories but they are far from unnecessary. It is important that you get one for your brewing station. Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a selection of funnels that you can choose. Our selection consists of food grade plastic and stainless steel funnels of all sizes. We also have funnels that come with built-in strainers to separate the sediment from the liquid.