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Hop and Mash Bags

Hop handling is never easy and many home brewers find it challenging to deal with the pile of sediment floating in the brew kettle after the boiling process. Removing the substance is one of the least favourite things of home brewers. This is the reason why many home brewers use different equipment to separate the mash from the liquid wort. While home brewers have the option to use equipment like false bottom or bazooka screen, some use hop bags.

Hop bags are convenient for most home brewers, especially if they are using small brew kettles. Hop bags are cheaper than other methods of filtering hops. They are usually made from muslin cloth, but some are also made from nylon mesh. They do fairly well in filtering the mash from the liquid. The disadvantage in using them, however, is that home brewers may experience a decrease in hop utilization. Using the hop bag may be challenging for most home brewers but to improve the utilization of hops, using pellet hops instead of whole hops may improve the flavour of the beer by about 10%. (more info below)
When using hop bags, make sure that you tie and secure the bag safely otherwise it can open during the boiling process and you will end up with a pile of residue all over the brew kettle. Moreover, choosing a hop bag that is made from thin material to let the character of the hop transfer to the wort is important.

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of mash and hop bags for you to choose from. Our selection includes hop bags made from fine nylon, polyester, muslin and cotton. We have different sizes of our hop bags that you can choose from depending on your needs. Browse through our selection (click on an image for more information) and find the mash and hop bags that will meet your brewing needs.