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Hose Clamps

Clamps are devices that are used not only to attach but also seal hoses onto fittings like nipples or bars. They provide moderate pressure which is just enough to allow the hose to expand without breaking the clamps. They are most commonly used to tighten fittings used in the plumbing system of a home brewing setup. They prevent the fluids from escaping the barb by providing even pressure on all sides without any gaps.

Hose clamps may be tiny accessories but they are essential in creating a seal in the hoses used in lauter and mash tuns. To ensure that there is a good seal, the nipple, barb and tube should be smooth as well as free from any scratches and nicks. The presence of any irregularities on the surface causes a loss of balance in terms of the clamp's fitting. Thus, if you have stuck hoses, never remove the clamps by slitting them as this can leave scratches that can cause leaks. (more info below)
Aside from ensuring proper seal, hose clamps are also used to provide mechanical attachment for tubes, hose nipples and barbs. To provide attachment, place the clamp on the hose behind the first ramp of the barb, for example, and secure it in place. You can screw it in place or adjust the knob that comes with it. Home brewers who will be trying their hands at attaching hose clamps should opt for butterfly clamps as they come with knobs that can be easily adjusted.

There are different types of hose clamps for you to choose from here at Ontario Beer Kegs. Our choices include conventional hose clamps, butterfly clamps or stepless clamps. Our clamps are made from stainless steel thus they can withstand high heat, do not rust and also last for a long time.