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Kegging Hose & Oxygenation Assemblies

Kegging beer offers many benefits to home brewers. Instead of painstakingly transferring the beer to bottles (that can take hours to do), then finding storage space, beer can be kept inside Cornelius kegs instead. Another benefit of kegging beer is that carbonation can be set precisely and it allows extra processing like counter pressure bottle filling.

Building a kegging system is a fun project for many home brewers. To build such type of system, the right tools and equipment need to be used. Aside from the Cornelius kegs, brewers need to use carbon dioxide tanks, pressure regulators, refrigeration and other accessories. (more info below)

One of the simplest accessories used in a kegging system are hoses. Hoses may be simple and small, but they are quite significant components in delivering beer. Hoses allow the transfer of gas and liquid to and from the Cornelius kegs. Thus, there are different types of hoses that can be used for both liquid and gas. When choosing hoses for the kegging system, select those that will fit snugly over the barbed fittings. You may also want use hose clamps to lock the hoses onto the barb. Install your hoses to the keg using a quick disconnect or quick release connector.

Regularly clean the hoses on your kegging system so that they are free from bacterial contamination. Keeping the keg lines and hoses free from bacterial contamination maximizes the flavour of the beer. Cleaning the hoses is very easy and all it takes is to remove your hoses from the quick disconnect (at the keg) and from your manifold and tap. Run water through the hoses or better yet, choose to use a a food safe cleaning product (of which we have several).

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of kegging hoses and oxygenation assemblies to choose from. Our products include gas tubing assemblies, high pressure hoses, beer carbonation inlet hoses and many others. Enjoy browsing our page.