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Home Made Beer Recipe Kits & Home Brewing Ingredients

We have what you need to configure your own homebrew recipe using the freshest beer ingredients or select one of our homebrew beer recipe kits.

Our homemade beer recipe kits come in a variety of sizes, flavours, ingredients and skill level. These kits are not packaged until they are ordered and ready to be shipped. We have put together a "How to Brew: Extract (for Beginners)" so that you will know what is involved with brewing your own beer using one of our kits. This how-to is also useful if you are planning on purchasing your own beer ingredients or brewing equipment separately, as it tells you what you need (the amount of ingredients is not included, however you may take a look at our kits, decide what type you would like to make and then go to the recipe and ingredients link on that page to find out the quantities needed).

Perhaps you have decided that you are now ready to brew your own beer without using one of our beer recipe kits, and you are wondering "where to buy fresh beer ingredients"? At OntarioBeerKegs.com we have the freshest malts, hops, yeasts and grains. Before we send out your order we check to make sure that it is not close to the expiry date so that you can be assured it will be perfect for making your homebrew. We package our grains onsite too, that way we know how old the grains are before shipping.