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Manifolds & Distributors

Who does not love to drink and savour overflowing beer from kegs? And if you like hosting your own parties or if you have been brewing your beer , then you need a good draft system so that you can dispense your beer directly from the keg. In all basic draft systems, you need a cooler, couplers, keg, tubing, gas, and faucet. These components work together to ensure that the beer dispensed is properly carbonated and chilled with a great foamy head. But if you want to improve your setup into a more complex one, there are many other things that you can add to make your draft system more efficient.

The beer manifold and distributors allow you to dispense your beer to multiple faucets. It is often installed to create a faucet draft system. This means that you can dispense your beer and beverages quickly for your guests while maintaining equal pressure in all faucets. The beer manifold and distributor splits the delivery of gas to several divisions to serve the draft beer system. (more info below)

The beer manifold also allows a stable installation to connect the gas lines within the cooler. It also comes with shut-valves for each gas line so that the gas can be directed only to the line that is opened. This provides safer systems in terms of leaks. Most manifolds are made from plastic, aluminum or brass. They come with threaded holes for the gas to enter. The holes are connected to a hose adapter, plug or outlet valve so that it can function properly.

If you are looking for a beer manifold or distributors, look no further. Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of beer manifolds to choose from. We have two-way to nine-way manifolds that are made from high quality materials. Choose from the many types of manifolds and distributors that we have to improve the functionality of your draft system.