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Mashing - Tuns and Accessories

Brewing beer requires a lot of steps before the final product can be achieved. One of the important steps in brewing beer is mashing. Mashing refers to the hot water steeping process. It is necessary not only in hydrating the grains - barley - but also activating the malt enzymes so that the grain starches are converted to fermentable sugars. Without the process of mashing, the grain bills will not produce enough sugar for the liquid wort to ferment.

There are two methods of mashing and these include (1) infusion and (2) decoction. While the former involves the grains heated in one vessel, the latter involves boiling a proportion of grains and returning them to the mash then raising the temperature at certain increments. While the former can be done in ordinary brew kettles, the latter needs to be done in insulated brewing containers with false bottoms called mash tuns. (more info below)
The mash tun is a dedicated equipment used in the decoction process. This specialized tool comes with a thermometer to help maintain the desired temperature. It may also come with a mash rake which is used to stir the liquid to prevent the bottom from scorching.

While investing in a mash tun may seem necessary, you can improvise by turning an ordinary brewing pot into one. Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of mash tuns to choose from. We carry different brands like Brewtech and Mash King. On the other hand, we also have a wide variety of accessories that you can use for your customizing pleasure. Our selections of items include false bottoms, bazooka kits, ball valves, trub buster and strainers.

We make sure that you have everything that you need so that you can do mashing successfully.