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Plugs, End Caps, & Bushings

Plugs, end caps and bushings are small accessories, but they are never negligible. In fact, they are widely used in a home brewing set ups. They are used to attached or secure parts in place. In a home brewing set up, plugs, gaps and bushings are often threaded. The threading on/in a fitting serves as a fastener for whatever object it is inserted into or that is inserted into it.

They come in different types (including barbed) depending on their applications. They can be made from plastic, brass, aluminum or stainless steel. However, for a home brewing setup, threaded plugs, caps and bushings made from stainless steel are suggested as they are rust-proof and can withstand stronger tension and torque loads. When choosing a plug, end cap or bushing, make sure that the fitting is compatible. This means that if you have a female pipe fitting, you need a male threaded insert and vice versa. (more info below)
There are many ways on how you can use threaded inserts for a home brewing setup. In fact, there are a lot of ways on how you can use them to fasten different parts, tools and equipment to customize your home brewing setup. For instance, you can find these tiny threaded elements in a stainless steel mill as they are used to connect the parts together. They are also used to attach other accessories to the brew pot such as thermometer, sight gauges and other adapters.

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide variety of threaded fittings that you can find. We have bushings, caps and plugs made from brass and stainless steel that can meet whatever purpose you want with them. We have square plugs, end caps, hose plugs and reducer bushings of all shapes, sizes and brands. It is our aim to become your one-stop shop of all home brewing accessories that you need to customize your home brewery.