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Beer obtains its flavour from the hops, malt, and carbonation. Carbonation is the process when carbon dioxide is dissolved within the liquid. It is a natural process that occurs during the fermentation process. When the yeast utilizes the sugar, it produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. Brewers use an airlock or blowoff tube to release the CO2 during fermentation, so there needs to be a way to carbonate the homebrew once fermentation is done. Many home brewers increase the carbon dioxide content of the beer by inserting the said gas under high PSI (pressure). This is the reason why most beers create a lot of fizz once the bottle is opened or dispensed from the keg, and you get a nice head on your beer.

If you have a draft beer system, the most two important components include the gas tank and the regulator so that you can dispense the beer. While the tank contains gases such as CO2 or Nitrogen, the regulator controls the flow of the beer from the keg. The regulator controls the pressure of the gas released from the tank. Without it, it will be too difficult to dispense the beer as the pressure is too strong. What will happen is that the flow is released as a strong jet of water. (more info below)

To control the flow of the liquid as well as the pressure, regulators often come with gauges that measure the dispensing pressure. The regulator can have a single gauge or it can have two or more. It is important that the pressure of the air tank is maintained at the appropriate level. For Carbon dioxide air tanks, the pressure should be between 10 to 15 PSI while Nitrogen tanks should be higher at 30 to 40 PSI.

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide selection of draft equipment regulators. From dual gauge to five-gauge regulators, we make sure that we provide the needs of home brewers. All of our regulators are approved for use by major breweries and are manufactured with solid brass body with a shutdown safety system to prevent accidents. We make sure that we have everything that you need for your draft beer system.