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SS Brewtech

Brewing beer is serious business. And a home brewer does not rely on pure skills alone, but also on good and reliable equipment.

SS Brewtech shares its passion in making good beer to home brewers by designing great and functional equipment. This is the reason why the company is considered as one of the leading brands when it comes to brewing equipment.

Famous for its conical-bottomed stainless fermenting bucket and weldless trub, pick up tubes and sloped mash tun, SS Brewtech was able to improve old brewing technology with better ones. So the next time that you are about to check out a dip tube, remember that it is an innovation of the company. (more info below)
Great designs and cool products are the priority of SS Brewtech. The brewing equipment is made from high quality materials following stringent industry standards. Investing in an SS Brewtech equipment will really help improve your skills as a home brewer. Gone are the days when creating sublime beer is what you only know.

At Ontario Beer Kegs, it is one of our missions to provide top-of-the-line home brewing equipment to all of our clients - seasoned or novice home brewers. As an authorized distributor of SS Brewtech equipment, we have a wide selection to choose from. We carry the popular SS Brewtech brew kettle for small home brewing systems.

We also have a specialty equipment like fermenters, thermowell, temperature control kits, tanks and brew buckets for those who want to upgrade their small brewing setup and create a precise system. We also have a selection of SS Brewtech parts and accessories in case you need to replace old ones. These include O-rings, bulkheads, replacement lid, lid clamps, gaskets and couplings. We make sure that we have everything that you need for your home brewery - simple or complex it may be.