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Shanks and Tail Pieces

Why should you suffer from the back-breaking labour of bottling, storing and opening individual homebrews manually if you can keg? Kegging stores the beer inside a specialized container called Cornelius (Corny) kegs. The kegging process requires different tools which include the carbon dioxide tank, regulators, clamps, hoses, spigots and many others.

One of the most crucial components in dispensing from your kegging systems is the shank. It allows you to mount a beer faucet to the refrigerator door, a wall or jockey box. They work with both commercial kegerators and a home brew kegging system. (more info below)
Beer shanks come in different sizes, but if you find that yours is longer than what you need, then don't fret as the extra metal can keep the beer faucet cool. Installing the beer shank is easy and all you need to do is drill a hole. Securing it in place requires a compression ring to be installed at the back of the wall.

At the front of the beer shank is a faucet coupling which you can use to attach the faucet head. The back end, on the other hand, are threads that allow you to attach the beer nut to a tail piece. Shanks may be small and basic, but their designs vary depending on how you want to use them. Shanks and tail pieces are made from stainless steel. Thus they are not only durable, but they can also last for a long time. With these accessories, drawing draft beer from the keg is a breeze.