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Carbonating Tools

Carbonation is a natural process in making beer. It occurs after the Carbon dioxide is dissolved in the liquid. As a natural process, carbonation occurs during fermentation when the yeast utilizes the sugar within the wort. Thus, creating both carbon dioxide and alcohol.

While a natural process, many home brewers help the carbonation process by inserting Carbon dioxide gas to the liquid under high pressure. This is the reason why most modern beers fizz up once the beer is dispensed. Aside from creating the fizzy effect in beer, carbonation provides so much more to the beer. Experts agree that while hops and malt create the basic flavour of the beer, carbonation puts acidity to the beer. It also creates a mouth feel in beer which affects the sensory experience when sipping it. The fizz stimulates the taste buds while getting the tang and kick from the malt and hops. (more info below)

In a draft beer system, CO2 plays a role in dispensing draft beer from the kegs. There are two main components of the carbonating system in beer - the regulator and air tank. While the regulator controls the amount of gas from your tank entering your keg, it also is responsible for the flow of beer from the keg to the faucet. Aside from the regulator and air tank, the carbonation system also requires different tools to maintain the efficacy and performance of the carbonation system.

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we keep a wide selection of carbonating tools that you can use to keep your carbonation system working effectively. Our carbonating tools include different types of wrenches to make adjustments on the different parts of the carbonation system. All our carbonating tools are made from stainless steel; thus, they last for a long time. It is our goal to become a one-stop shop for all your carbonation system needs - parts, tools and all!