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Tri-Clover or TC is a widely used name that encompasses many different types of stainless steel hardware. The use of tri-clover fittings is not limited to the brewing industry, they are also widely used in plumbing and dairy applications. They may look a little bit confusing but they are certainly very useful. Originally the Tri-Clover name was used to describe the 3 segment sanitary end connection clamps. The advantage of these connectors is that they are very easy to clean as well as very sturdy. They do not have any nooks or crannies where germs and molds can hide thus cleanup is easy.

Another characteristic of a tri-clover fitting is that it does not come with any ball sockets that may come in contact with your brew. Moreover, they are also better in securing the precious liquid throughout your brew system as they help to create a leak-free connection with your fittings. (more info below)
To install the tri-clover fitting, it is essential that all connects should not have any threads. While threaded fittings can be made, using special fittings that utilize seal and gaskets are preferred. Moreover, there should not be any abrupt changes within the internal diameter. Thus, if you should reduce a 3" pipe into something smaller, you need to use a special concentric reducing fitting that provides a gradual taper between the two pipe diameters.

The brand was taken over by another company and renamed Tri-Clamp. This name is now used universally to describe these sanitary clamps. There are 3 different styles of tri-clamps, 2 of which are hinged and a third that you would bolt the segments together (meant for high pressure and a more permanent application). We also have additional hardware and gaskets for use with these clamps. These include ball valves, gaskets, extension tubes, barbs and spray balls to name a few.