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Draft Equipment Tubing & Accessories

In home brewing you may be moving liquid from one container to another many times throughout the brewing process. While some homebrewer tend to do so manually, it is more convenient to use tubing. The thing is, moving liquid manually can be a back-breaking task especially if you are making large batches of beer.

Home brewers should know about the different types of tubing that they can use in order to transfer beer. Tubing comes in different sizes as well as varieties. Moreover, tubings are also made from different types of materials. Examples of tubing for making and transferring beer include vinyl tubing, silicone tubing and high temperature tubing. (more info below)

While the material your tubing is made of is important, sizes are also very important. Choose a size of tube that is appropriate for the size of the fitting that you are planning on using. If the tubing is too small, running the end of the tube under hot water will make it more pliable and expand so you can easily attach it to your fitting. If the tubing is too large, using a clamp can secure it in place.

Opting for larger tubing can make it easier to transfer the liquid quickly. The downside, however, is that it creates air bubbles which can affect the overall flavour of the beer. If the tube is smaller, the transfer time might be longer but it produces less air bubbles.

When choosing the type of tubes that you need to use, make sure that they are made from food grade materials. Moreover, they should be able to withstand high temperatures. Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we have a wide selection of draft equipment tubing that fits your needs. Our tubing is made from food grade materials and can withstand high temperature. Aside from tubing, we also have tube cutters and clamps so that you can create a clean snip when adjusting your tubing or hoses, and easily secure them to your fittings.