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Brass and Stainless Steel Ball Valves and More!

A ball valve is a quarter turn valve that features a hollow pivoting ball to control the flow of liquid. The ball valve is open when the hole is in line with the flow and then closed when it is pivoted at 90 degrees by the handle.

They are very durable and they close securely even after long periods of use, thus making them extremely a favourite choice among home brewers as they provide full control and applications. Ball valves are made to withstand pressures of up to 1,000psi as well as temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius (752 degrees Fahrenheit). Always make sure to check the specifications of your ball valve for exact tolerances. (more info below)
The sizes of ball valves can range between 0.2 and 48 inches but home brewers should opt for smaller valves. They are also made from different materials like plastic and metal. Choosing which type of valve depends on your needs as a home brewer. For instance, if you are going to install it on your brew kettle, a stainless steel ball valve is your best option as it can withstand extreme heat and is also very durable.

However, one disadvantage of using a ball valve is that the center cavity tends to trap water when in a closed position. The ball valve can crack in the event of a freeze due to the expansion of the ice forming from the trapped water. This is the reason why it is important to insulate the ball valve with a heat tape. But a freeze is unlikely to happen if your brewing system is placed in a warm place.

Here at Ontario Beer Kegs, we carry both brass and stainless steel ball valves, with or without check valves. This section also features spigots, Co2 changeover valves, shut off valves and Y splitters with shut offs. We make sure that we provide your ball valve needs.