Bulk Order Shipping Details

Details regarding bulk shipping and limitations

Any orders under 300 lb (dimensional weight) will be shipped via Fedex. Any larger sized orders will be shipped via skids.
Shipping Times:

Due to the nature of shipping, the time it will take to arrive varies based on your province. Orders in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick may take 4-8 Business days to arrive, whereas orders shipped to the western provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan) may take between 8-10 Business days. As such please take into account the arrival time.

Shipping Size and Weight:

Any orders under the 300 dimension weight threshold will be shipped via Fedex in multiple boxes. We calculate our shipping the same way as the carriers. Dimensional weight, also known as volumetric weight, is a pricing technique for courier and postal services, which uses an estimated weight that is calculated from the length, width and height of a package.This means very large light items may not qualify for Free Shipping.

Monthly Order Minimums:

Our bulk section is intended for larger orders. As such bulk customers are required to spend approximately $2500 a month to maintain access to our bulk section.

Regarding orders between 300lb - 500lbs:

We will contact you in regards to setting up shipping and payment for orders of this size. These orders are traditionally not large enough to warrant a skid.

$99 Flat Rate Shipping on Large Sized Orders:

At OBK we offer Flat Rate Shipping for larger sized orders, these order must be over 500lbs (dimensional weight) and over $5000 (before tax). Flat Rate Shipping on these larger orders is done on a case by case basis, as such it is normal for your order to take longer to pack and to organize shipping. Traditionally these orders will be shipped as skids, doing so provides the most cost efficient way to ship these larger orders. We will contact you after time of purchase.

Remote areas may NOT be eligible.
P.O. Boxes are NOT eligible.
In some rare instances we may not be able to extend this offer.

Unfortunately, we no longer ship to Nunavut.